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We are going Vegan!

So today I'm doing product reviews on the latest cosmetics and I'm super excited to share my finds with you guys! So the first one is the FORGET ME KNOT DRY CONDITIONER from eva-nyc I was super skeptical about this because I have naturally wavy hair and dry conditioners usually leave my hair feeling very heavy and stringy but oh my gosh guys this dry conditioner is SUPER light weight and actually added volume to my hair while still keeping it soft and (mostly) tangle free. This Trust Fund Beauty nail polish is in CHAMPAGNE SOCIALITE (kind of a metallic Rose Gold color) it looks good with one coat but I like my nail polish to really POP💥 so I just put two coats on it. And it doesn't chip easily which is great for people who are rough on their hands I have heard sooooo many things about this Too Faced product from the positive and negative side. This is an "instant" and long term lip plumper. You apply this day and night to naturally volumize and hydrate your lips. I tried it for a couple days and didn't notice a thing except for the FIERY SENSATION FOR 10 MINUTES. I thought my lips were going to fall off it stung so bad. I am on day 3 and have not seen any change in size of my lips. I personally think that it only makes the lips irritated so they swell up but it is definitely not long lasting. This guava butter lip stain by Seraphine Botanicals is MULTIPURPOSE because you can use is on your lips AND your cheeks as a stained blush, crazy right?! This stain leaves your lips feeling moisturizer and soft because of the pure Shea butter inside! It also has a TON of benefits such as no minerals, no parabens, no phosphates, gluten-free, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, AAAAAAND ITS VEGAN!!!

- Actually super fun fact ALL of these products are vegan AND cruelty free😍 because I love animals and so do these products.


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