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"Guess who's back, back again!"

I was back in the beautiful Atlanta Georgia for the past two days to see my favorite person. To my surprise it was 43° when I arrived and was the high of 60° the next day. Not so hotlanta anymore if I do say so myself.

We went on a cute date to the Coca-Cola factory (which we have never been to) and it was so cool to see how everything was made and since I'm an artsy fartsy person I loved all the different bottle designs there are throughout the world. Not to mention the amount of free Coca-Cola they give you I feel like I'm good for, well, at least a month😉

Check out this outfit though! I'm lovin' this fall weather so why not bring out some fall colors!

Check out this super cute bottle design from the London fashion show in Milan in 2009. Can someone say A Touch of a Rosey?

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