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Spunky Skyline

I've been running around doing some Christmas shopping all morning it's nice to sit and look at the beautiful Charlotte skyline. I don't know how people working in the city do it! I'm pretty sure I would not get anything done if I had that view outside of my window.



This 90's grunge inspired outfit is perfect for a girl on the go. It's so minimalistic yet easy enough to just throw on and go. Plus I personally prefer wearing dresses when I go shopping so I can try things on faster. Less pieces to worry about am I right?



I'm a total shopaholic so I try to find as many deals as I can. You're never going to believe this but that really cute dress I'm wearing? Marshalls $10! Seriously the best find EVER!!! This spaghetti strap dress is a deep purple with black specks all over it. On the back it has a plunging backline that adds a bit of sassiness to the outfit 😉

This outfit is full of just basic pieces you can find in your closet which makes it that much easier to put together! I'm wearing a White scoop neck long sleeve from Forever 21.



Target seriously has THE best shoes! These platform booties went perfectly with my outfit. They are a charcoal grey with a suede buckle on the side to make it spunky🔥

And just to make these shoes even better, they are so comfortable. Looking at them you would not believe it because of the platform, but when you break them in they feel amazing!


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