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The lazy girl guide to a last minute thanksgiving outfit

So you've been cooking all morning, doing family arrangements, making sure everyone is color coordinated for the picture....but there's just one thing left- YOU STILL DON'T HAVE AN OUTFIT FOR THANKSGIVING! Between making sure your family doesn't starve and helping them look somewhat decent, you have completely forgotten to get yourself an outfit!

...but that's what I'm here for!! I am practically the QUEEN of last minute shopping. I mean I'm still shopping for things 15 minutes before I am supposed to be leaving on a trip! I do find it more efficient when I do that though because I feel like that way I am only buying the necessities and not wracking up my purchase with unnecessary little things.

I have created 'The Lazy Girl Guide To A Last Minute Thanksgiving Outfit'. In this guide there are three categories in which you may fall into and within those categories I have put together an outfit that would work for the occasion.


1. You have family coming into town.

It is super important that your outfit is versatile as well as comfortable. Because your family is in town, anything can happen. Your grandmother may pull you into the kitchen to help cook, or your brothers need and extra player for the ULTIMATE Thanksgiving Day football game. Either way your outfit needs to be able to handle anything.

3. Basic leggings


2. You're having dinner with your significant other's family.

This one is a biggy. You have to look nice. Because unlike your family they may actually care if you wear your fat pants to the dinner table. Remember you are not only representing yourself but also your family and your S/O so you need to look good.


3. Friendsgiving!!

All your friends are finally in town so you have decided to do a "friendsgiving" and invite all your closest friends to come over to chow down and talk about life. This is like the happy medium of outfits. You're not dressing too casual as if you are with your family but you are also not dressing to the 9s like you are with your S/O. This outfit needs to be cute enough for a group picture but comfy enough to lounge around in and watch cute holiday movies.

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