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Happy New Years Eve!

I hope you guys had a lovely Christmas! this week has been so weird its that awkward time of being kinda broke after the holidays but still wanting to do things because everyone is home. So now you're just twiddling your thumbs waiting for the big party at the end of the week.

Chase and I actually took a day trip down to Charleston and boy, what a city. Every building holds so much character its hard not to stop and stare and wish that the walls could talk. I felt like every street had its own story behind it. The earthy walls and colorful houses cant help but make you smile!

And the shopping! oh my gosh the amount of cute little boutiques were breathtaking I wanted to go inside every single one! but boutiques are not the only shopping experience you can have, The Market is your one stop shop for literally everything and anything. The Market is filled with local trades that are very unique to the area.

Just a little bit about my outfit here. As I mentioned in my previous post, I am not huge on sparkly New Years dresses simply because glitter gets EVERYWHERE. that being said, I chose a very subtle outfit for the holiday. a simple yet classy romper with a very large fuzzy sweater and green tights. green tights were definitely not my first option for hosiery but I decided to give it a chance and it actually turned out to be really cute and festive for the occasion. Now the romper was actually an online exclusive at but it came into the store and lucky for me i scooped it up right away! With the original price of over $130, my bargain butt got it for around $45! since the Romper completely sold out online I included a link to the same one at Macys for even cheaper! you're welcome ;)

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