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Makin my way downtown (Charleston)

This is my new favorite shirt from Anthropologie for so many reasons. I mean HELLO RUFFLES! Now, when I think of ruffles the first thing that comes to mind is Ron Weasley's Yule Ball suit from the Goblet of Fire. I was pleasantly surprised when I came out of the dressing room and was reassured I did NOT look like Ron's distant cousin. close one right? That would have been a horrible episode of "Who Wore It Better"

Side note- check out all the colorful wall and doors I got to take pictures with! They are so photogenic.

It's called the Colorblock Ruffle Top and was originally $88 but guess what?! As always I got it on an amazing sale, the Anthropology Semi annual sale to be exact. And it was *drum roll please* $29!! WHOOP WHOOP!!

You can't frolic around Charleston without proper frolicking shoes! my weapon of choice? Arizona Habana Oiled Leather Birkenstocks other than the occasional rock in the shoe, they are perfect! Especially if you are dragging your boyfriend around every corner and down every alley in Charleston :)

*Cue A Thousand Miles*

Aww look how cute we are! Since we don't have a professional photographer we forced a very sweet couple of ladies to take this picture in 20 degree weather they happily obliged. Although I like to think Chase is my Professional photographer I mean look how good these pictures are! And there is nothing like the classic girlfriend-boyfriend picture for my blog feed. Plus, look how handsome he is :)

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