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The modern Tarzan


My favorite fad right now has to be the really long shirts with leggings. My only thing is I want it to be a wide enough front and back so that I'm not out here looking like Tarzan with the loin cloth. Lo and behold my favorite store had the PERFECT one. Meet the Recherche Striped Tunic from Anthropologie!

not only is it super cute to look at but the cottony material makes it very comfy and breathable.

Funny story about the colors in this tunic, I was so excited to wear it that I had completely forgotten to wash it first. Chase and I went out one night to see the Christmas lights at Search McAdenville (cutest little town) and when I got home my entire back, arms, and chest were navy blue. I looked like I should have been bald and playing on drums filled with paint -_-

Later Lovelies,


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