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Grunge and Pale

Winter is NOT my season guys. It's cold and cloudy and everyone looks like they are apart of The Walking Dead. I mean this is the one time of the year where my entire body matches the inside of my arm, which I am personally not a fan of. Don't let the smile fool you it was quite cold outside but you know what I've figured out? The best way to bear a cold photo shoot is hand warmers. Those have been like my best friend this winter you just stick them in your pockets, shoes, gloves, EVERYTHING!

They are magical inventions.



Let me tell you about this "magical" purse. I had been looking for another purse for a while but could not seem to find one that I loved for under $200. I took my chances and went over to Clothes Mentor (upscale resale store) and started poking around when I found this super cute handbag in their designer section marked for ONLY $50. I had no idea who the designer was but I bought the bag and looked it up when I got home. Come to find out that I had just bought a $430 bag for $50. Talk about lucky!!



And would you look at that another hat on the blog today. I can't help it though I'm like Barbra Streisand in Hello Dolly when it comes to hats. The more the merrier! This hat is actual from Versona, and although you can not see it has the cutest faux-fur pom pom on the back! It is an in-store only exclusive so you'll definitely have to swing by and check it out along with all their amazing new arrivals!



These leggings are so cute, it was out of shear luck I found them! I was just farting around and decided to pop into Express. I saw these leather leggings and it was definitely a must have essential to add to my wardrobe this winter.

I love that Vans 'slip-ons' have always been in style they are such classic shoes! I wanted to add a twist to the basic black canvas shoes and decided to to go with the Perf Leather Slip-On. They are currently the hottest shoes so you have to act fast before they sell out...AGAIN!



As always thank you guys so much for all the amazing love and support with my blog. I love hearing about all your questions and comments! Everything I'm wearing is linked below, and of course don't forget to subscribe to get all the fun updates and check out my Instagram @atouchofrosey

Later Lovelies,


The Outfit

Photographer: Kristina Marie Perry (an amazing photographer and an amazing friend) check out her work at

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