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Bugs and Buns

Hey guys! Welcome back to A Touch of Rosey! So quick life update real quick I have decided I am going to start posting roughly 2-3 times a week depending on my schedule but would really love to know what kind of content you guys would like to see more of! Whether it be of food (because I eat a lot), beauty, fashion (because I shop like nobody’s business), or even lifestyle. Of course that does not mean I am going to stop posting about certain things but I would love some feedback on what YOU are interested in seeing! Leave a comment on my Instagram post or shoot me an email/DM. Either way I would love to hear your thoughts.

Recently I have been working with and AMAZING local photographer named Kristina Perry and she is truly one of the most talented photographers I have ever used. To be honest I am very VERY shy when it comes to taking pictures for my blog. I feel like I always pose the same or I just look insanely awkward but she has such a warm presence to her that I feel so comfortable around her. Which is also why she has become such a close personal friend of mine. If you are interested in learning more about this wonderful women I HIGHLY suggest you check out her website the link will be embedded in her name as well as at the bottom of the page so please go check her out!

Ok now on with the post!

Concert season is rapidly approaching and my bank account is definitely reflecting it. Aside from my depreciating bank account, concert season is my favorite season, right next to Summer (where you at?) I love the energy and the vibes about concerts because everyone is so happy and energetic and just truly being happy and I think that is awesome that music can bring out such intense emotions.



Since it is not yet summer, nights are still a bit chilly I enjoy layering so that when I’m jumping around during the day I can take off my jacket but when the temperature drops 20 degrees I can have my coat handy. I chose the Tomboy Trucker jacket from Lucky Brand (shocker) in the color Watchtower. And I just love how light the jacket is but also how subtle thick it can be, if that makes sense. Its just a really comfortable jacket.



Guys I literally just have two suede skirts. I don’t know why I don’t go out and buy more because I love suede, I love the texture of it, and just how dressy and chic it can make an outfit. I love the basic camel suede because it literally goes with anything and everything, but I’m also totally down for colored suede like a navy blue or a rich red.

I paired my suede skirt with a super cute band tank top from Lucky Brand (this should be a drinking game, the amount of times I say Lucky brand per post) my band of choice was Guns and Roses. I’m absolutely and ACDC kind of girl but I can always get down to some GNR classics. But hey I’m not trying to start a rock-n-roll war.



I love me some accessories. As you can see my crazy $50 bag (check out my post Grunge and Pale for more dets) has made a reappearance and I’m LOVIN’ it with this outfit! I’ve also added my fav water bug sunglasses from Versona as well as a super cute brown pleather choker from Charming Charlie. I love this choker though because it is so simple and then has a cute teal teardrop stone in the middle to add a pop of color.



Thanks for reading and if you would like to see more check out my other posts and don’t forget to subscribe to receive immediate notifications when I post! Check out my page on Facebook A Touch of Rosey. I post about other bloggers and beauty hacks and fun things I find on Buzzfeed so go follow! And don't forget to check out my girl Kristina's work, link is down below :)

Later Lovelies,


Photographer: Kristina Perry

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