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I'm Se(a)ing Stripes


I had such a fantastic week at Emerald Isle, as many of you may have seen from my Snapchat stories. I am posting a lot later than intended due to some technical difficulties with my camera and computer but I am back and am super excited to share the cool things I saw and did in Emerald Isle!

Day one: Chase and I went down to the beach for a beautiful sunny day, not a cloud in the sky. But it was soooooo windy, but it did keep us cool in the hot sun. That being said, we got fried (yes mom I put sunscreen on) and had no idea till we got inside! Thank God for Aloe lotion am I right?!


Ok, now for the look. Y'all know I am into really cute, unique bathing suit pieces so I went on amazon and found THE cutest bathing suits from Cupshe. A pretty popular website, but for those of you that don't know they make knock off versions of high end styles and the latest trends, its fantastic. This suit is called Dare the Sea Stripe Bikini Set.

This top is so simplistically perfect! I am such a stripes person and I don't know why they just look great on everyone! The bottoms are definitely on trend with the high waste and detailing on the sides. And I was so happy that this fit true to size. I ordered a Medium and the top and bottoms were perfect! (which never happens)

Later lovelies,


#emeraldisle #Atlanticbeach #beach #stripes #bikini

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