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OVERALL I'm obsessed with this outfit!


I think I'm a little obsessed with tie dye. Not mad about it ;) I just cant help it tie dye goes with everything! I literally have everything except tie dye I need tie dye overalls..I'll be right back. In all seriousness if y'all find a good pair of pastel Tie dye overalls, let a girl know ;)

In other news- I'm totally feeling the 90's vibes with this outfit. I have always worn overalls, I remember when I was little I had these pink overalls that my mom would put me in all the time with the biggest bow that could possibly fit on my head. Thanks mom ;P

These overalls are from gap called the Denim pocket shortalls in the wash medium indigo. I am very basic when it comes to overalls, I love that old school blue jean because they go with so many different colored tops.

These shoes have been the death of me, and I'll tell you why. I bought these shoes a few months ago on a crazy holiday sale. I have seen so many people buy this style of Vans called the 'Sk8-Hi Slim Sneakers', but I had no idea how I was supposed to wear them. I'm not as cool as y'all think I am. I decided to throw them on with this outfit and couldn't be happier with the results. It makes the outfit not only trendy but a classic throwback with the white. Y'all will definitely see more of these shoes because I love the way these look.

And in case any of you all were wondering where my lipstick is from it is from Stilla in the color Chianti which I will be raving about later on in the week. Make sure you get that notification by signing up for my emails and following me on my social media that is linked at the bottom of my page ;)

Later lovelies,


The outfit

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