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Stars and Stripes


All smiles here in North Carolina because what better way to celebrate the 4th of July than with a blue and white striped jumpsuit?! When I think of the 4th I think about jean shorts and an Old Navy shirt with a flag on it. Merica'. But let's get real ladies jean shorts are not the most comfortable thing to be wearing when you are running fro fireworks that your brother is shooting at you (true story).

I found this little number at Target a few months ago and thought it was so cute on the hanger but when I tried it on it just didn't look right. For some reason these Capri jumpsuits looked way better on me after I cut my hair. Don't ask me why, I have no idea. I went back to target and tried it on and fell completely in love with it. Iit is a linen blended jumpsuit with tulip slits going up each leg. Making it perfect for those hot summer nights.

And of course you can't forget your running shoes for when you have to duck and cover so I chose the good ol' faithful Converse that are sure to get the job done while still looking cute. Because cute AND comfy is always my goal.

Since I didn't have any red I threw on my current fav pair of earrings for this look since it adds so much sass to each outfit. Plus I think this goes to show you can wear those earrings with any outfit ;) check out my other posts with these earrings located at the bottom of the page!

As always thank you guys so much for following and have a fun and safe 4th of July!

Later lovelies,


The outfit




#luckybrand #tassel

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