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Outtakes 2017

When you're taking pictures for hours on end, the photo shoots can sometimes get a little silly.

. . . And by sometimes, yes, I mean all the time.

I am not a very serious person to begin with and anyone who has met me knows that. So to stand still and take a serious picture my photographers have to be very quick before I bust out laughing. Not to mention my favorite past time is making faces. You know, the ones your mom used to tell you not to do because 'your face will stay like that."

My brother actually came up with this post idea because I wanted something fun and different to do for my 'One Year Blogiversary'. He suggested I do a post dedicated to all my outtakes. I thought, 'there couldn't possibly be this many silly photos'. Boy, was I wrong. I'm pretty sure 60% of my pictures are just of me doing something silly, 30% is the wind blowing my hair everywhere and 10% is me actually doing what I am supposed to do. Thus creating the most entertaining photo shoot you have ever seen.

Later Lovelies,



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