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Fall 2017 Statement Pieces

Hello lovelies and welcome back to A Touch of Rosey! I made a similar post like this last year on my Fall Staples and it was such a huge help to those of you that were getting your wardrobe ready for fall. This year I have decided to make a post on just some ( I have so many favorites it could be put into a weeks worth of posts-oops!) of my favorite fall staples.


If you're going to have a rockin' top you might as well make sure you're up to trend with the bottoms too! Lots of black/charcoal bottoms this season. There are so many crazy top trends going on with asymmetrical shapes, bell sleeves, and bright colors that you want to keep the bottom simple yet trendy. Here are some of my favorite go to statement pieces that are a must have for fall.


The theme for this fall is definitely lighter colors, which you would look at and think, What? Lighter colors? Springtime? No way! But it is true. Most stores are trending towards the pastel colors this year to create contrast between the outfits since most people gear towards a darker bottom for fall. So here are 5 of my favorite statement, but staple pieces for your 2017 fall wardrobe


Because eventually (slowly but surely) it's going to get colder and you need something stylish to go over all your cool new tops and bottoms so you don't freeze your tail off! This season it is all about adding personality to your outfit by using words and pops of color!


Ladies (and men) we love our shoes. This fall, our shoes are doing the walking AND the talking! From simple slides to bold booties these cuties are great for any occasion!


Thanks for reading! Hopefully these inspo boards were able to help you fill in some of the holes for your fall wardrobe! I know majority of these are in my cart now, not mad about it ;) Sign up for my email notifications for instant updates on when I post! But until next time...

Later Lovelies,


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