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A (personal) Touch of Rosey


Good morning lovelies (11:45 is still morning for me)! Early post because I was just so excited to post my recent photo shoot with the always amazing and beautiful Miss Kristina Marie Perry showcasing my latest DIY project. Going with the latest trend of embroidery I wanted to embroider my own jacket (story time). Now at the time, I had no idea what I wanted to embroider because I had never embroidered anything before I just thought it was cool. I, of course, hopped on Pinterest (I'm obsessed follow me) to find some "pinspiration" but couldn't exactly put my finger on what I wanted to do.

Fast forward to me sound asleep then violently waking up at 3 a.m. with the sudden realization that I wanted to embroider my original logo (I'm so vintage;)) on the back of a denim jacket. Because I'm psychotic I was frantically googling how to embroider and where to find embroidery floss all while looking for my original logo design at 3 a.m. Fast forward to me gathering all my materials and actually starting to do this. I am not very good at embroidery, granted it was my first time but still, I had high expectations. A month later and I am finally done and could not be happier with the result. (Post coming soon on "how I did it").

Now for the outfit- Because when you have a jacket as sick as this one you need a bad biddy outfit to go with it. What other stores would I go to for this than the one and only Lucky Brand?! The Sand Washed Dress has been my "go-to" outfit for the past few weeks. It is so comfortable to throw on and do whatever, I love it! plus it's on a CRAZY sale right now!

And to really make it a "Megan" look, you have to have a hat. The Perforated Edge Ranger Hat is the perfect fall staple to complete your pumpkin spice wardrobe.

Later lovelies,


The Outfit

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