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Balloons and Bell Flares


Feeling Stevie Nicks vibes from the Balloon fest in Statesville. Talk about a last minute trip, I saw this event pop up on my Facebook feed and was more than excited to get in the car and go! I immediately texted Krissy and said "We gotta go." We packed our bags and grabbed our cameras for a day out in Statesville for this beautiful event.

Back in Florida they used to launch hot air balloons right by our backyard all the time so there was a sense of nostalgia about the situation.

You can thank the classic target ADD for this outfit. I went in to get new mascara and came out with this adorable top and kimono combo! Forgot to get mascara, not even mad about it. This kimono is more of a mesh material which is trending more and more as we go into the winter season. I have not totally jumped on the bandwagon but it is a very cool concept especially when its still 90 degrees in charlotte.

TIS THE SEASON FOR ALL THINGS VELVET! I am so happy velvet is back in trend you have no idea! I don't know what it is about velvet but I have been obsessed ever since I was little. I had this red velvet dress that I would wear for EVERYTHING because it made me feel so beautiful and happy and that's exactly how I feel in this top. The shape is fantastic and flows beautifully with the body. Not to mention it comes in two colors, blue and citrus. AND it's on sale!

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Later lovelies,


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