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Jolly Rolls Icecream


I am a fan of ice cream in any form, cup, cone, even a roll! Jolly Rolls has the coolest (pun intended) and most visually appealing ice cream I have ever seen. They have 21 initial flavors but you can add whatever ingredients you want, making the combinations endless!

What initially drew me to Jolly Rolls was the fact that the family that owned it was Cuban. MY PEOPLE! It was amazing to see that they had Cuban pasties and Cuban coffee available as well, not just the amazing ice cream.

How its made

First they take the ice cream and put it on a freezing slab. They add extras which can be anything from strawberry to marshmallows. It is chopped up and added to the ice cream which becomes flattened on the slab. Then they use a spatula to essentially scrape the ice cream into little rolls. Lastly the decorations are added like a marshmallow and graham cracker for the Campfire Ice cream, or caramel and brownies for the salty brownie. The possibilities are endless!

Jolly Rolls just had their grand opening for their store in Matthews on Monroe Rd. They also have another location in Waxhaw as well so make sure you go check them out!

Later lovelies,


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