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Happy Halloween 🎃

Halloween is seriously the weirdest holiday guys like you go around to strangers houses and ask them for candy. I'm pretty sure my mom told me not to approach strangers that say they have candy (what the heck America)

Aaaaannyways...Since I basically dress like a 90's mom everyday, I decided to be my aesthetic, Kelly Kapowski. And for those of you youngins wondering who the heck Kelly Kapowski is, let me enlighten you. She is one of the characters off of the popular 90's TV series, Saved By The Bell. She was the prettiest, most popular girl in school. And just to top it off she was dating Zach Morris (look him up you'll thank me later ;))

To create this look I used a retro colored long sleeve tee and rolled it up to create a shoulder pad effect. Paired it with some overalls and pink spandex underneath. Then I added her signature floral pattern she wears on every outfit by doing bright floral flats.


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