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Blogiversary : The sequal


GOOD MORNING! It's an early morning post because it's official, my 2 year blogiversary is finally here and boy, has it been a rough one. I'm not gong to lie.There are so many things people don't tell you when you first start out. Nobody tells you about the constant hours you spend editing and trying to find links to that one shirt you bought at old navy...five years ago! It's long nights typing out blog post after blog post just trying to convince yourself at 2 AM that you are not actually dyslexic. THEN you get to wait in long lines for the "it" restaurant just to attempt to take a picture of your food before your little brothers destroy it.

But they also don't tell you how truly rewarding it is to be a fashion blogger, you suddenly become a symbol for society and a muse for designers. Not to mention the always refreshing phrase, "I love your blog!" That always seemed like the hardest thing to comprehend when I was just starting out because it was like, me? Are you sure?

We are our worst critics and I can definitely attest to that. You can become so engulfed in comparison to other blogs and influencers in the industry that you forget about those core people that are helping drive the success of your blog- YOU GUYS! The people that are reading the posts and sharing them with there friends! YOU are the reason why we do it!! So, I thank YOU for letting me do what I do and helping me express myself through fashion and through blogging. It is truly my favorite creative outlet for anything I am doing. And I am truly and honestly so glad I am back to creating content for you guys.

Late Taters,


The outfit:

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