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The Fringe Detail

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! I hope your weekend has been going well! Its been a little crazy here dealing with moving issues so it is so nice to be able to sit down and relax for a minute to write.



As I start to get invited to more things throughout the holiday season I have come to the sudden realization that I don't have many clothes that I can dress up or that I'm not tired of wearing from work. Over the past week, I got to go into one of my favorite stores and shop their new fall collection! Versona is one of my favorite places to go for essential staples at an affordable price. This time around I went with a mission, stackable rings, simple studded earrings, and a stylish fall sweater. And boy, did I find it! I snagged the Fringe Chenille Sweater, stackable ring set, and a pair of mauve colored druzy earrings for a little over $50! Talk about a steal!! Now, other places I would be concerned if I got all that for such a great price but with Versona I KNOW its good quality and won't fall apart within a couple wears.

Another item that I have been long awaiting is the Chelsea boot. The hardest thing is trying to find one that is a good price and isn't in the men's department. *eye roll* Shoes are hard for me, I am a TRUE 10 1/2 (ya, I've got some big freakin' flippers). Which many companies simply don't make anymore because there are not many of us out there. I was able to snag this pair from Target to be the stand-in until I find some leather ones for work. I have to say, these are doing pretty well so far. The shoes are from the brand A New Day. They last about 7 1/2 hours standing and walking around on hardwood (which is more than most non-leather boots can do). I have gotten a few different booties from Target lately because their selection has gotten so dang good! The lines are very tasteful and trendy while still being minimalistic. But, if you guys have any suggestions as to what brands you prefer for that style of shoe, give me a holler because I am ALWAYS looking for new boots.

As seen in a previous post of mine from my Kentucky Trip, These jeans have quickly become a staple for my fall wardrobe. They are the Brooke Legging in a SUPER dark wash (not black) called Cactus Flats. With the asymmetrical distressing on the knees, they stand out from your traditional 'blown out' styled jeans and don't stunt the length of your legs. This tends to happen when you create the 'blown out' look as it is stopping your leg length at you knee making the top portion of your body look wider and stumpier. Welcome to Optical Illusions with Megan!

Here is to another crazier week coming up and hopefully, I will be able to fill you in on my crazy apartment stories soon! I know that's so vague but trust me there is so much and you don't want to get me going just yet. Make sure to subscribe and follow me on Instagram to receive notifications on when I post!

Later tater, Megan

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