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Kentucky Weekend

Hey guys! Its good to be back in Charlotte, but let me tell you, Kentucky is so amazing, especially this time of year. The weather, the people, and overall just the miles of acreage you get to drive through just blows my mind. It felt a bit like home if that makes sense. I grew up in Florida and lived in Ocala for a couple years. Although the weather is nothing like Kentucky, the land and all the horse farms and cattle ranches really hit home for my horse girl spirit.


We drove from Charlotte to Versailles which was a 7 ish hour drive. 7 hours of sleeping, eating and yelling "ARE WE THERE YET?" We finally get to our Air B&B around Midnight, close to 1 o'clock. The next morning we are off in the search of coffee. Something everyone desperately needed. We stopped at a cute place in the town on Versailles called, The Amsden. A local run coffee shop and gift shop. The women working was probably one of the sweetest people I have met and truly made it feel so homey.


After many hours of getting our party of 9 prepared to go, we headed on down to The Blue Grass Stockyard for brunch. A little cafe styled eatery inside a Marketplace that does cattle auctioning. Honestly a very cool area with a lot of history.


Brunch didn't last long as we were all so hungry, so when we were finished we headed back through horse country to Evans Orchard for a morning of apple picking, hay rides, and more eating. And because calories don't count on vacation, we ate a lot! We get to Evans Orchard around noon and its slammed with people! We were able to mosey around checking out the orchard and all the different apples available, along with the cute shop they had available FULL of apple products and gifts. These Kentuckians sure do like their apple cider let me tell you! Especially the apple cider doughnuts, I didn't even know that was a thing but they sell them EVERYWHERE I kid you not!


The following day we headed out early to tailgate for my first ever derby at Keeneland. It was definitely a lot cooler than anyone had expected, most of us were in dresses and skirts but our main accessory for the day was a blanket wrapped around our shoulders. I wore the Lisette Embroidered Tunic Dress from Anthropologie. A very beautiful dress and perfect for the occasion but not necessarily the best for the weather conditions.

It may have been cold but we definitely had a blast shopping in the beautiful resort store, making bets, and of course, taking lots, and lots of pictures. One of my favorite things was being able to actually see the horses up close, I was a big horse girl when I was about 9 years old and have loved them ever since.


As it got to be about 4 o'clock we decided it was time to find some food so we headed on out to The Barn in the Summit at Fritz Farm, Kentucky’s first artisan food hall. It had so many yummy choices but we opted for appetizers at Smithtown Seafood before we went to have dinner.


After a long weekend, I think I speak for everyone when I say we were all pretty tired and ready to head home. It was such a fun trip I am so happy I was able to really get to know my boyfriends family and spend some quality time with each other for the weekend. Will definitely be planning another trip in the springtime for The Kentucky Derby. So, until then, stay tuned and make sure you're subscribed for updates on my latest posts! Thanks for reading!

Later Lovelies,


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