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Outtakes 2018

I started this type of post last year for my one year blogiversary in and effort to try something 'different'. Since then it has definitely become one of my more highly requested posts to make. they are fun and silly and you get to truly see another side of blogging that most bloggers never show anyone. But these pictures are honestly too funny to keep to myself so why not just share them with the world?! It takes hours to fund these bad boys but once you do it makes you cringe and laugh and go, "No wait, but look at THIS one!"Its a good slice of humble pie with a sprinkle of humility on top, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I will stop rambling, but in case you missed it *shameless plug* I just posted my two year blogiversary post and will soon have another post coming soon on how I spent my 20th birthday! (AYO I'M AN ADULT!) So definitely check those out but in the mean time, the moment you have all been waiting for, I present to you, OUTTAKES: 2018!

I hope you enjoy!

Later Taters,


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