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I'm Lucky! And so are you!!

VERY exciting news! Black Friday has come and gone and as much as we hate to admit it, so are those deals. Except for Lucky Brand Jeans of course! Because Christmas is quickly approaching lucky brand is generously giving my friends and family 50% off the entire store TODAY ONLY! That's the same as the employees discount! Sound good enough for you? Here is where I come in, to get that discount just go to the Lucky Brand SOUTH PARK location and say that you're a friend of Megan and BOOM! 50% off! And for those of you online shoppers I've got the same deal going for you, go online and find what you like then call the store and let them know what you want to order and that you're with Megan and they can order it for you (less work for you) and have it shipped to you in 2 days for FREE!! (Saving you a lot of money!) if you truly just want to order it by yourself I completely understand and would be happy to give you the code. To find out phone and code numbers please feel free to email me at or Direct Message me on any of my social media located at the bottom of the page.



THE comfiest shoes you will ever wear in your life! The Basel Booties. They are the most popular shoe ever to be bought at Lucky Brand because once you break them in they can last you up to an 8-10 hours standing the entire time. I don't know about you but that's a very long time to be standing. These booties are a low enough heel to wear on a daily basis but also a cute enough shoe that you can dress it up when you want. The Basel Bootie comes in 13 different colors. That's one for EVERY occasion!! The most popular color though is Toffee because it's a twist on your basic brown bootie with a burnt toe and heel to add a bit of an accent onto your shoe.



Jeans. It's what they are known for! I mean it's in the name "Lucky Brand JEANS" so they have to be good! Well, I can absolutely say these are the best jeans I have ever owned. Not to mention the best service! Usually when you go into stores you get greeted at the door and again when you leave but not at Lucky. They walk you through the denim fitting process so that you can walk out of there with not only a pair of jeans but the knowledge on why those jeans worked for you, why other jeans didn't, and also why they last as long as they do.

I own many pairs of Lucky jeans but my favorite has to be the Bridgette Skinny. She is a skinny jean with a 10 inch high rise. Perfect for my taller ladies out there! She comes in 10 different washes but I am currently wearing Sunset Blue

I was so excited when this Kimomo came it is so beautiful! The Modern Floral Kimono is filled with beautiful black and white embroidered flowers. And just to make this Kimono even better- it's reversible. That's right ladies you can wear it two different ways. There is a black side with white and grey flowers and a white side with black and grey flowers. That's like two different outfits!!



As you may have notice in my other posts, I am a hat person. I love all types of hats and wear them with just about any outfit I can. So today I chose the Beaded Trim Ranger Hat I ironed it out so it would actually fit more like a matador hat which seemed to work out pretty well if I do say so myself!

These earring are my favorite type of earrings they are called Pave And Gold Ear Jacket. I love that they are studs but also have the backing to them that makes it look like you're wearing a fancy ear cuff. This makes them very easy to leave in because they have a flat backing. And they are actually on sale right now so get them before they run out!!

And last but certainly not least is my Brushed Cable Loop Scarf. It's An Infiniti scarf and VERY warm. I love the deep burgundy coloring in it. One of my favorite colors for winter!


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