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A Very Rosey Christmas

Its finally here!! Merry Christmas everybody!! Wow, it has been a long couple of weeks of waiting, shopping, baking (eating), and endless amounts of Christmas songs. But it's finally here and now we can all take a step back and finally look at how empty our bank accounts are, and how full our hearts are. And as much as I love to shop I am truly glad to be resting (just for a few days though 😉)


I spent countless hours waiting in long lines at the mall and digging through piles of shirts to find THE ONE. I must admit though, the adrenaline kicks in and it's a blast but once you've been shopping all day you definitely get burnt out.



A lot of people like to share their favorite part about the holidays. I love hearing about them because everyone has a different tradition in their family and it's cool to see what other people enjoy doing around the holidays. As for me my favorite thing is on Christmas Day, after we have torn through all our gifts, my dad makes THE most amazing crepes that's I have ever had. And trust me, I'm a foodie, so I have had crepes from high end restaurants to mom and pop places. But nothing competes with my dad's crepes. I don't know what it is about them or what "secret ingredient" he uses but it's phenomenal.


In North Carolina it is SOoOooooOOoO important to layer your clothes. The weather changes so quickly it's not even funny. Like today we are having a 60° Christmas (fun right?) but it's supposed to cool off throughout the day. So I decided to dress a little warmer so that I can just peel off the layers as it gets warmer and put them back on as it gets cooler. Innovative right?

I have been looking for a dark lipstick forever and after testing numerous shades of plum lipstick. I finally found this beautiful shade from MAC called CYBER. It has a rich plum undertone which I love ! And for all my green eyed people out there, it makes your eyes pop!


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