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Bikini Bottom


With all of this crazy Charlotte weather it makes me with I was back in Emerald Isle. Blue skies with not a care in the world except for the occasional question of, "did I put on enough sunscreen?" The answer? Usually no.

I am always so hesitant ordering clothes online since I like the full affect of trying things on but I just couldn't find any suits that I really liked in store. I probably tried on at least 40 different suits before I was like, "I can't do this anymore." Finding a suit is hard y'all! You want a cute suit but you also don't want to look like everyone else on the beach.

Today I'm sharing this trendy suit that is so trendy and adorable! As you read in my previous blogs, I love unique and fun suits so when I saw this on Cupshe I couldn't resist, especially for that price! It os called the 'Why So Abstract Tie-dyed Bikini Set' and at just $26.99 for a set it was too good to pass up. For this website you definitely want to use their sizing guide provided for each suit since they are all so different. I ordered a Medium in it and It was perfect. I have a smaller bust compared to the bottom and it worked out surprisingly well.

The cut of this suit was perfect, It had a full bottom with cutouts on the side to match the cutouts on the top. I stuck with the high waist for this one as well since I find it very flattering on everyone. The pattern is perfect and the white is actually not see through which I was very surprised.

Thanks for reading! I went ahead and linked some extra suits which I thought were cute ;) Subscribe and shoot me an email/DM of what you want to see more of on a Touch of Rosey!

Later Lovelies,



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