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I can't believe I am actually sitting here typing this, this is so unreal for me. A Touch of Rosey is FINALLY 1! 🎂 I am beyond grateful for this past year and everything it has taught me. I started this blog in hopes of finding out who I was and what I stand for and I can proudly say I not only know who I am but I know what I am capable of and the impact I make on people, and that's not something you can learn in college.

Yes this is a very sappy post unlike my others but this is something I have put my heart into and what I am passionate about and to just say I am proud of it would be an understatement.

There are so many things I accomplished this year that are a dream come true. But none of this would have ever happened without my amazing people behind the scenes that help me to take the best pictures and put out the most high quality content a post could get. "I'd like to thank the Academy" Kidding...slowly waiting for my Broadway debut, it's ok. In all seriousness I am eternally grateful for everyone that has helped me accomplish this goal I wouldn't be the person I am today without you all.

Here is to an amazing year and to the many more still to come.


In other exciting news I am officially 19 years old! Yay happy birthday to me 😋 and of course I treated myself for my birthday and got a new pretty dress from Altar'd State.

I wanted this outfit to be completely me, bohemian chic, and with a floral T-length dress I would say I have accomplished that. This dress is stunning in so many ways, the floral print is just right enough for summer but neutral enough for a good transition piece into fall, easily parable with a leather jacket, I opted for a simpler look to avoid a heat stroke, you're welcome 😉and of course I added my Steve Madden heels to clean up the bottom for a dressier look

Later taters,


The outfit

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