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The Best Foodie Ornaments

I am a huge lover of food and any type of food themed item. So what is better than decking your Christmas tree or your home in a bunch of food ornaments? From a Handblown Glass doughnut to a sushi platter for two, here are 15 of the best food ornaments that will satisfy all your food cravings.


The cutest ornament for you and your foodie friends! This set comes with 6 different colors to choose from.


This looks almost good enough to eat! At just $8 I don't see how you couldn't ROLL with this ornament! (come on did you really think I could go a whole blog post without making a single pun?)


I DOUGHNUT know what I would do without this ornament on my tree. All I need in life are those three Magic words- Hot and Ready.


Let's TACO bout how cute this ornament is I mean it's a taco AND its sparkly! Old World Christmas makes some seriously amazing food ornaments.


Because you can never have too many sushi themed ornaments. Nordstrom (as always) is THE place to go for amazing holiday decor for a great price.


This ornament is SOY cute! Of course you have to have some Soy Sauce To go with your sushi.


Be sure to add these festive fries to your tree this holiday season. But you have get them quick because they are FRYING off the shelves!


Show off how CHEESY you are this holiday season with not one but three cheese themed ornaments. Because one just isn't enough!


For those of you looking at the name going "what the heck is a pub sub?" It's short for Publix Subs. Quite possible the best grocery store subs money can buy. Just a shoutout to my Floridaridians that can't go a day without their daily dose of Publix Subs.


Bag of Potato Chips

You can't go wrong with a bag of potato chips especially not as an ornament! They even look delicious in ornament form 😍


This vintage inspired ornament was actual handmade in Germany and hand painted! Talk about unique! Perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth ;)


I RELISH the opportunity to share about this adorable ornament! Once again another great ornament from Old World Christmas that is only $11 and just came back in stock!


Disclaimer: fries and a drink are not included in this order. The only thing included is simply the joy of having a cheeseburger on your Christmas tree. You're welcome😊



Trust me, you definitely want a PIZZA this ornament. We all know pizza makes everything better so why not make your tree better by adding this super fun everything pizza?!


I eat a lot of Chinese ok? DIM SUM lights and watch this ornament sparkle on the tree . Right next to the Soy Sauce of course!


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