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Health Nut

That's right people, your local junk food enthusiast has gone green. And by green I mean I'm literally turning green because some of this healthy food is N-A-S-T-Y. But for real I am really trying to start eating healthier and cleaner because my health has gotten really bad lately and it's time to change my horrible dietary habits. I'm not to the point where I am counting calories because, well, I just eat a lot and that's something I have learned I cant control.

The first thing I did is cut out soda. That's very big for me considering I drink Dr.Pepper like its going out of style. But I noticed my face was reflecting my bad habits with a new blemish every time I drank a soda. To replace the energy soda gave me I started drinking Tea. Specifically the Refreshing Mint Vital Energy tea from Yogi. You can get this at any of your local grocery stores. The mint in the tea actually helps to stimulate your body and keep you going longer than a caffeinated drink would.

I recently read an article on about the types of food nutritionists still will not eat even on their cheat days and why. After reading it I thought how funny (and oddly disturbing) it was that I eat most of those snacks on a daily basis. A rude awakening I must say.

Im not really great at eating healthy but I can tell you my favorite healthy snack right now is a yummy avocado bagel with a hnt of lemon and lime and some really yummy sprouts on it. prepared by my favorite Vegan kitchen, Lunas <3

*as seen in my post "Living life at Lunas"

Since I am not HUGE on eating healthy I decided to motivate myself a bit by buying cute things that help me remember to stay healthy along with trinkets that make eating healthy look cute. Yes, I know that sounds weird but I need all the motivation I can get so here are a look at some of the cute things I found!

Later Lovelies,


(mine was actually pink ;))

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